Parent Testimonials

" My experience with Our Children First has been great. Everyone knows my son and they're very pleasant and understanding. I would not trade my son's speech therapist for anything in the world. My son loves her very much."

~Michelle K.

"My experience with Our Children First has been great. My son loves this place. They are great with the kids. They have lots of patience with them. My son has been coming to Our Children First for 2 years and loves going to see his speech therapist." 

~Jeanette C.

"Our Children First is a very professional speech therapy center. The therapists take a sincere interest in the children's needs. The office and office staff provide a welcoming atmosphere."

"She [our therapist] has different methods to help my daughter's speech- drawing, reading, puzzles, play dough, games such as playing cards, etc. She gives Vanessa homework such as stories that she can tell us at home and lettered blocks so she can practice everyday."

~Nancy R.

"Having a speech therapist come to the home was great. So having to bring my daughter to a center, I had my reservations. But the staff here is great. From Lorna to Michelle, they are professional and treat you as a person and not a number. Each person here is attentive and pleasure to work with." 

"It is through the therapist's hard work and efforts that I have seen a marked improvement in her speech and comprehension. She has patience, compassion, and strives for excellence. I would highly recommend OCF to anyone for their child."

~Jo-Marie D.

"In the time I have been coming here I have noticed a difference in my 3 year old daughter's speech and behavior. My daughter was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at 18 months. her words were few and sometimes not understandable. I'm happy to say that now my little girl can put sentences together, as and answer questions, count in English and Spanish. A few words I don't understand; but [she] is getting there with the help of Carla Tellez and the wonderful staff at Our Children First."

"Great for a lack of better words. They are the best staff and therapists a child with any form of speech delay could have. As a parent of a child with Dyspraxia, I'm very happy with the therapist."

~Dina I.

"Our Children First is an excellent place to bring your child for services. The staff is very professional, courteous, and pleasant. I would recommend it to anyone. My wife and I have met several therapists at Our Children First. They are all very nice people and they really care about your child's success."

~Anthony D.

" I have a good experience with Our Children First. They are helpful. The most important thing is that they communicate with the parent. I like that." "She [our therapist] is good and, again, very helpful to my daughter Dileyne. I would recommend [Our Children First] to anyone who needs speech."

~Dania U.

"Mi experiencia con este equipo de trabajo es excelente. Las therpaistas y el personal siempre son muy antentos y educados" "My experience with this team is excellent. The therapists and the staff are very attentive and educated."

" Las therapistas son muy dedicadas a su tabajo y han ayudado mucho a mi hija" "The therapists are very dedicated to their jobs and have helped my daughter alot."

~Arlene D.