Events And Workshops


Here at Our Children First we like to encourage as much professional development as possible. As a result, our clinical supervisors deliver workshops to keep our therapists up to date in subject matter pertaining to their specialized service. Currently, there are ongoing interventionist workshops for best practice in completing progress reports, data collection and strategies for case scenarios. These workshops are provided on a monthly basis.


Our Children First prides itself in being a champion of the causes that affect the children we service. We inherently find the need to participate in events such as ‘Better Hearing and Speech Month’, Autism Awareness Month and different events throughout the year in an effort to bring awareness.

Workshops for the parents

At Our Children, First Inc. parents and staff work together towards helping children make as much progress as possible. Upon enrollment, we inform parents that they have the choice of attending our therapy related workshops and also be part of our parent involvement committee.

The workshops we offer are led by the clinicians on our team. Each therapist speaks on a pre-selected subject and compiles the most comprehensive pamphlets which are given to the parents at every gathering. These workshops help parents better understand the services their children receive at our facility.

Parents are also taught how to follow up with therapy in their homes; the children will make more progress when the same methods that are done in the clinic are also carried out at home. We extend this choice to parents because it is our wish that all children from all backgrounds achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.