Home Based Services

Home-Based Services

Our home-based service provision department is composed of professionally trained Interventionists who work with every family based on their Concerns, Priorities, and Resources. Caregiver involvement is a central theme of our program, and we foster this collaboration by valuing the caregiver as an integral team member, through maintaining an environment for easy access to student data and other information on the child’s progress.

Our ultimate mission is to help children of all backgrounds achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life by providing top quality; research based therapeutic services, using an individualized approach.


At Our Children First we offer bilingual (Spanish) and monolingual therapeutic intervention in the following areas:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Occupational and Sensory integration Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Special Education Teacher Support Service (SETSS)

Service Coordination

Our Children First provides Service Coordination for all families referred to the Early Intervention Program. Our SC’s are highly trained professionals who provide quality care to all families referred to our program regarding concerns with their child’s development. Each Service Coordinator is trained to communicate; resolve issues; and be an effective advocate for all families as well as assist all parents with transitioning their child into an appropriate setting, once the child has aged-out of the program.

Our Service Coordinator’s care and apply the agency’s overall mission in nurturing independent growth through consistent monitoring of services; revising IFSP service plans; and ensuring that parents receive the tools and resources available to them in order to maximize on their child’s overall development.


OCF provides home-based evaluation for a number of our clients. Our team of trained therapists completes Clients’ evaluations. We offer bilingual evaluation in English and Spanish, and we have translators for other languages. Our scope of evaluation services include:

  • Social History- an interview with you to get information about your child’s development and family history.
  • Psycho-Educational – an evaluation that looks at what your child knows and how he or she learns.
  • Physical Examination – a recent report of your child’s vision, hearing, and general health. If you have trouble getting this, we can help you get one at no cost.
  • Speech
  • Language
  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Assistive Technology