Early Intervention Service Coordinator

Service Coordinator
Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens
Posted 2 years ago


The Early Intervention Service Coordinators help the families of children with developmental delay navigate all aspects of the Early Intervention system by:
• Coordinating all services available to children across agencies
• Providing information on available services, resources and options
• Assisting in the development of Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP)
The Initial Service Coordinator
The Initial Service Coordinator is assigned by the early intervention official to assure that all new and eligible children with disabilities and their families get the services they need by:
• • Informing them of their rights and services under the Early Intervention Program, assuring that all materials are communicated in their primary language and that their confidentiality is maintained.
• Finding out if the families are receiving other services from private or public agencies and if so, arranging for collaborative efforts.
• Assisting the families in identifying, applying and accessing any benefits programs for which they are eligible.
• Helping families select an evaluator and arranging the initial evaluation.
• Explaining the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) process thoroughly including meeting participants, purpose, strategies and the option to invite other professionals to be part of the team.
• Informing them that services can be delivered in a range of settings such as approved early childhood programs, the child’s home or other environment deemed appropriate.
The Ongoing Service Coordinator
The Ongoing Service Coordinator makes sure that children with disabilities and their families receive the services stipulated in the IFSP by:
• • Coordinating evaluations and assessments.
• Facilitating and participating in the development, review and evaluation of Individualized Family Service Plans.
• Assisting families in identifying available service providers.
• Coordinating and monitoring the delivery of services.
• Coordinating with medical and health care providers, including referrals to appropriate primary health care providers as needed.
• Facilitating the development of a transition plan to preschool services if appropriate or to other available supports and services.

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